Swerve a Little Now and Then for Better Longevity

We can increase our healthspan and lifespan by challenging our bodies and minds to adapt through hormesis. Here’s how…

This is what YOU see on the hormesis checklist:

  1. Lift weights to build strength
  2. Aerobic activity
  3. High intensity intervals
  4. Delay and reduce calories occasionally 
  5. Bright-colored fruits & veggies
  6. Try some heat and cold exposure
  7. Challenge your brain
  8. Explore new social interactions

This is the adversity that YOUR BODY sees:

  1. Oxidative stress on my muscle fibers 
  2. Increased oxygen demands on my lungs
  3. Temporary nutrient deprivation, and autophagy cell cleanup
  4. Beneficial polyphenol stress
  5. Shock proteins from heat and cold
  6. Neuroplasticity

Our body strives to keep us in the middle of the road, but make it swerve with some adversity now and then and it will adapt and become more energetic and stronger, making us stronger and harder to kill.

Author: Brett Scranton For the Ageist

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