Supporting ” By The Left ” Campaign this Anzac Day

Next time you see a woman wearing her medals on the left, please thank her for her service. This is the message " By The Left" Campaign (the title is a play on words as ‘by the left’ is also a phrase of command used when marching) would like you to take away this Anzac Day.

Women are leading the Anzac Day marches this year. The hope is that this will encourage women who have served to take their place in the history of armed services in this country and that you acknowledge them.

It is important to note that women serve their country in many ways, not just with guns on the front line or in fighter jets. My Mother in Law Betty Ricketson's (Alder) role as a Physiotherapist in WW2 can not be underestimated. She started marching in the late 80's with the Physiotherapy Corp.

In 2009, while on assignment with Jo Chandler in Afghanistan for AusAid and The Goodweekend Magazine, we met Rachel Ingram, an army Photographer, who worked outside the wire - that is beyond the safety of the Tarin Kowt base - on the frontline.

Just like the other women we featured in the story Aid workers, Medics, AFP officers all of them inspirational. All of them serving their country.

Acknowledge them all.


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  1. Betty would love this post. In her later years she cherished her Anzac Day get togethers. The contribution of women in wartime has been hopelessly under valued. RIP Betty and all your colleagues.

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