Summer Shoes



I love a sandshoe, yes I know they have many names now……. BUT ! I have several pairs in various stages of disintegration.

So while in Paris I decided to stock up on some Bensimon (they call them tennis shoes) sandshoes. There are several shops, and no two shops stock the same colours…… I HAD to buy several pair.

These orange ones are the favourite pair at the moment….they have a range called vintage Bensimon, and as I was leaving, a range with sheepskin inserts, not very attractive but in their own way practical.


There are several shops in Sydney that I know of that stock Bensimon ….. the links are below…

If you know of any others could you post in the information in the comments area…….thank you.



Bensimon On-line 

Robert Burton 

Quintessential Duckeggblue (in Balmain)

Rust (in Avalon)



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