Style Profiles

Style Profiles

One of the reasons I started this blog, was to publish stories about inspirational women, their style and stories. I got sick of waiting for the Vogue issue on Age ( once a year ) only to be disappointed when they would shoot 17 year old models to show we 50/ 60 year olds what to wear. I know why would I be waiting for Vogue to tell me anything, I like being inspired by women and men around my age.

I am looking for suggestions, yourself or women/man you might know who you admire and find inspirational. Don’t be shy if you think that is you get in touch.

As you can see from the Sand Edwards shoot. There is NO styling or hair and make-up its just you and me….the camera and whatever
location I can think of.

On all of the shoots, so far, it has been great fun…

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Thanks Lorrie

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      Hi Juno, I have no upward limit…..the older the better and the more inspirational. Thank you I’d love to do a shoot with you. Could you send your details C/- the blog email…look forward to a catch up. Lorrie

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