Ms Dasha Ross – Style at Sculpture by the Sea

Ms Dasha Ross - Style at Sculpture by the Sea

Dasha and I would like to thank the organisers of Sculpture by the Sea for helping style our shoot, even if it was unintentional on their part.

Bondi has been Dash’s stomping ground for 35 years, not that she hasn’t taken flight to parts OS often and on a whim.

We first met….I can not remember when, nor does it matter..but it was probably when Dash worked for the ABC producing and commissioning Docos.
I love her style and joy de vive one of the great dames.

ME: Who are the designers you like?

The designers I like most in no particular order are those who exhibit timeless style, affording a woman to look her most chic, with contemporary flair. But are most definitely not slaves to disposable fashion

-ISSEY MIYAKE would have have to be my all time standout favourite. Ive been collecting his clothes for well over 20 years and I still wear all of them. Being, as I like to describe myself , Rubenesque they flatter all shapes and sizes without drawing attention to the curse of the more mature woman, the fadoobades ( Kath and Kim term for the flappy underarm bits and the bits
that also hang over the top of the bra side).

– COMME DE GARCONS, Designer Rei Kawakubo witty, wearable and oh so stylish

– YOHJI YAMAMOTO his tailored cloths are BEYOND compare combined with a remarkable aesthetic.

– ROMANCE WAS BORN Aussie label that use amazing fabrics and designs. Love the work they did with Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson refernecing their glorious 80’s colour heydays.

– ALISTAIR TRUNG, Aussie designer that does beautifully wearable cotton knits and cloths with a bit of wit and edge.

ME: What sort of clothes appeal to you

Clothes like Issey Miyake’s which can be worn anywhere anytime and look stylish, effortless and flattering and have flair!


Me :Do you have any style icons?

My all time Style Icon is the late great great ELSA SCHIAPARELLI who invented the colour shocking pink, made a divine hat out of a stiletto shoe collaborated with Salvador Dali and produced exquisitely tailored but witty and amusing fashion up to and including the 50’s.She invented the famous wrap dress to flatter all body shapes which was copied by American designer Diane von Furstenberg in the 70’s until now. I wore her perfume Shocking for years and would still if I could get hold of it. She epitomised what I hold dear -its not enough to be chic to be stylish -you have to have individual flair and to carry it off with confidence..

ME: How do you feel getting older? Do Mags and or Ad campaigns talk to you?

I’m always surprised when I see myself in photos thinking oh is that what is happening. I’m enjoying the process of the passing of time, its just more rich moments on a quirky adventure.
One of THE most important things is to have a great face cream and never ever put soap on your face. My friend Barbra Zussino makes an amazing organic cream called B Magic HandMade in Bondi. I like to flatter myself it’s helping to stave off the ravages of time. I ignore ad campaigns and only scan mags for new makeup products as Im constantly in search of the perfect kajal and eyeliner .

Me: How do you approach fashion compared to your mothers generation

My mother worked on the women pages of a daily newspaper so was aware of fashion and fashion names but wasn’t at all interested in clothes.Deliberately so it seemed to me.They were required covering as going naked wasn’t an option. So she imparted no tips and no advice. I think her generation followed a stricter code interns of what could be worn when but she chose not to follow that either. But I was greatly influenced by my french grandmother with whom I would pour over the latest airmailed copy of Marie Claire from the age of 7 and discuss in intricate detail what looked good and why.

ME: .Where are the clothes in the shots from?

Lunch at drakes a Miyake top an alistair trung black cotton sweater necklace from Barcelona and pants from Country Road which I think is a good label for cheap basics.
In the park and at home both frocks are by Melbourne label ASSIN which also does good basics. The shoes are all by ARCHE which is a french label I have discovered in the last 3 years and never want to wear anything else. They use a scratch and water resistant Nubuck leather and a cushioning on the soles that makes you feel as if you are literally walking on air.

ME : What are the most important things in life as you get older.

Certainly not possessions as I am constantly deaccessioning!!!
The most important thing of all to me is relationships, friends and friendship. In particular sharing a history over time makes me feel quite sentimental and gooey . I like the amount of time Ive been on the planet and I like even more being able to share those times with people up close.


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