Stripes – Can you ever have enough ?

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Can you have enough stripes and now that Avalon Now seems to have disappeared off the telly and I’m not spending that much time at Palmy it seems safe to let the stripes out for another go around.

last count I found 14 striped t-shirts in my wardrobe. Even I was a little surprised, they are in various states of disrepair but I can’t stand to throw any of them out. The oldest a wonderful old Remo that would have to be 25 years old. An absolute master of multi-tasking, this chic base layer looks the business beneath jump suits – that seem to be having a moment – tunic dresses, oversized sweatshirts, utility jackets and trench coats. I love a good stripe.

I like a patina about my clothes, worn surfaces say comfort to me. Don’t wear head to toe stripes however, you are not a zebra, camouflage is not your end goal. I think my go to brand would have to be Bassike, they have a constant turnover of colours and combinations, sentimental favourite the original Armor -Lux … and I nurse that old Remo through every wash




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  1. Lorrie, I can’t claim your record for striped Tshirts, but I’ve just counted and I have 10. Not head to toe of course!

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