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Can you have enough stripes, last count I found 14 striped t-shirts in my wardrobe. Even I was a little surprised, they are in various states of disrepair but I can’t stand to throw any of them out. The oldest a wonderful old Remo that would have to be 25 years old.

I like a patina about my clothes, worn surfaces say comfort to me. Don’t wear head to toe stripes however, you are not a zebra, camouflage is not your end goal. I think my go to brand would have to be Bassike, they have a constant turnover of colours and combinations, sentimental favourite the original Armor -Lux … and I nurse that old Remo through every wash




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  1. Lorrie, I can’t claim your record for striped Tshirts, but I’ve just counted and I have 10. Not head to toe of course!

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