StopWestCONnex Jurassic Car Park


More than 300 people joined Reclaim the Streets Sydney and members of the WestCONnex Action Group (WAG) Saturday for a walking tour of the parts of St Peters the Baird Government plans to destroy for WestCONnex.

Named “Jurassic Car Park” after the dinosaur remains that were found in nearbySydney Park, the tour took in the parts of St Peters where homes, businesses and parklands will be destroyed to make way for the $15.4 billion toll road.

The tour  highlighted the historical and environmental heritage of this unique and close-knit community. Those who came along experienced some typically quirky inner west touches – including a performance by WestCONnex Elvis, a treasure hunt, and a sing-a-long outside the Town and Country Hotel that inspired Slim Dusty’s classic Duncan.

“The tour  highlighted the significance and beauty ofSt Peters, which is now under threat from this absolute dinosaur of a toll road project,” said WAG spokesperson Emma Pierce.

“The evidence is clear: Building more roads doesn’t ease congestion – especially when those roads come with hefty tolls that will drastically increase the cost of living for families in western Sydney.

“It is disgraceful to see Mike Baird wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on WestCONnex, and gearing up to destroy thriving suburbs like St Peters, even as he refuses to release the business case for the project.”






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  1. Great work Lorrie. Hope all your readers forward to everyone they know – even those who have never heard of Newtown. It’s worth saving!

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