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WestConnex is a 33-kilometre toll road proposed by the NSW Government and backed by the Federal Government. The plans change frequently the cost has blown out to $20 billion. If the government has its way the WestConnex will destroy Newtown.

Despite committing billions of taxpayer dollars to the project the business case is shrouded in secrecy. We need to see the business case, traffic modelling and environmental impact studies for this immensely damaging road project. Where is the Government’s evidence that all this has been done and proves WestConnex to be a good transport solution? This was the first of many demos to try and get some answers…if you love this suburb get involved.




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  1. Hi Lorrie,

    Great Blog! I live in Brown St St Peters and several of my close neighbours are either losing their home (in negotiations currently with RMS) or uncertain whether their home will be acquired..it’s a wait and see game. My home which I’ve been in and own for the past 20 years and where my three children have been raised is “at this stage not thought to be needed for the project”… Two of my neighbours were arrested yesterday – one for chaining himself to drilling equipment and the other for photographing him! Charged with Tresspass. At this stage I’m unsure about whether to attend the Enmore Theatre for the Westconnex community consultation as I believe it will be spin and by 23/2 I doubt they will be able to shed any further light on the “plan”.. The King Street Crawl protest was AMAZING as was the initial protest on Campbell Rd before Christmas organised by the RTS and Westconnex action groups. I believe more of these public protests are needed to keep the public profile in focus and in order to KEEP the ISSUE REAL.

  2. Beautiful pics – I’m a bit biased as I am the wife of #WestConnexElvis 🙂 We are really trying to raise awareness of the issue best we can so please spread the word. Us St Peters residents will bear the brunt of smoke stacks and the interchange with 6 lanes of traffic / 100, 000 extra cars a day – but guess where they are all going to head? Yes, Newtown / Alexandria. It will be diabolical for the entire area. All we are doing is just talking to people…at bus stops, at the shops, at kids parties,wherever. And it is working. Look at what we and you did in a few months (it was all announced November). Keep up the conversation and lets all save the inner west. Follow our facebook page WestConnex Action Group or Twitter on @WestConnexAG to be kept up to date. And thanks for highlighting the issue with these beautiful photos. Bron

  3. Fantastic to see your blog Lorrie and of course I especially like the grey hair theme. I attended the Westconnex Action Group rally and have also published two stories in City Hub which are now on my own blog. http://www.wendybacon.com/investigations/inside-westconnex/ I will be doing a lot more on Westconnex soon and have started a special blog project called Inside Westconnex.
    I see my public interest journalism as assisting community groups who cannot get their stories out to the public. My journalism doesn’t preclude activism. At this stage of my career, I feel that once you have evidence that convinces you that a policy is wrong, you can or even should act.
    I am wondering if we can just be part of the St Peters group or whether we need our own Newtown group?

    1. Post

      Hi Wendy, I’ve decided to start a little series of some of the true treasures of Newtown on the blog and highlight what they are trying to destroy…Also, I’ve mentioned it to a lot of people up the Nth end of Newtown most
      are completely clueless so maybe we to need a Newtown group. If you need some shots for any of your stories let me know. I’m still working so would have to fit in but in the spirit of the old National Times lets find out who is WestConnex?

  4. So glad you document this. I was disappointed I didn’t see anyone from our end of Newtown. The next event seems to be the WestConnex public meeting at Enmore Theatre on Feb 23 – which should be lively. Some St Peters residents I spoke to are very discouraged that it will all go ahead. I can’t imagine losing my home. What to do?

    1. Post

      I know, I’m surprised how few people seem to know about this….I’ve started a #savenewtown on twitter, I’m very new to twitter so I’m not sure how that will go.

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