Stay well, Stay safe and Thank you

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, in whatever form that may take. Thank you for letting me pop into your inbox at 6am most mornings this past year. What a F....d bat shit crazy year it has been!

A year that has only reinforced what I have always thought ... trust the experts, the scientists that and the most important people in this world get very little credit or pay for the life changing jobs they do. Think of them this Christmas. That women really should be running the joint!

The blog will be taking a small break to inhale as much sugar, alcohol and food as is humanly possible and be back on Jan 2nd 2021

Take care, stay safe, wear a mask. Hum loudly when Scott Morrison comes on the telly or radio.

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  1. Thanks Lorrie for helping us all through this … yes – bat shit crazy – year. Always inspirational imagery and words.

    Eat, drink and break well …. see you in 2021

  2. Thanks for the great posts and photos Lorrie, I have enjoyed them greatly. Enjoy your break and have a delicious xmas..

    Scott who???

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