Squarepeg Jewellery Studio – Marrickville

Think outside the box this Christmas and support some local artists.

julie Pierce, who is doing a workshop at this studio, took me along to their open day. The work in these shots were by established artists and students.

The work is very beautiful, and extremely reasonable in price. … check them out.

From top down: top image Kim Elliott, Green braid and black pearls Linda blair. Left silver rings Albert Tse, Silver skull necklace fiona Meller. Oil lamp detail Emily Coop. Gem stone ring Teya Lehne, Circle and oval silver rings Kim Elliott,Opal and gold ring Albert Tse, Spin earring Linda Blair, last image Emily Copp.

Please respect this original work.



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  1. Hi Lorrie
    This looks fantastic, do you know the name of the jewellers working with black pearls and also with the opals? I looked on the square peg website and it’s hard to tell.

    1. Post

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