South Coast – Summer – Beach Holiday

Images of Broulee Beach South on the NSW South Coast.

The South Coast - Summer - Beach Holiday is so wonderfully predictable, it has been some years since we hit the Princes Highway and headed south to our friend Janet (Urt) Willis's beach house, at Lilli Pilli Beach, but nothing much changes. There in lies the beach holidays beauty and joy.

Roll down to the beach... sit around crusty with salt for the discussion, that always starts just after breakfast, about what we might have for dinner. A bit of Rowdy Yates - Urt's elderly chocolate Labrador - wrangling. The carnival at Batehaven...worthy of its own blog...the afternoon naps ( for some ) and some god awful television. Much belly laughter.

This year we added long walks at nearby beach Broulee north and south, these long almost deserted beaches and gobsmackingly beautiful.

We could have been having this very same holiday 20 years ago, maybe with a bit of beach cricket thrown in ....and few more intact fibre shacks about ... there is much to love about the South Coast summer holiday. But the best bit is catching up with old friends over a crisp glass of chilled Rosé.


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  1. We have had some great road trips in recent years. Seal Rocks, Yamba, Angourie, McLean, Byron, Snowy Mountains on the way through to Melbourne, Jugiong, Pearl Beach, Patonga …….

    There are countless wonderful images from all these trips ….. should all be published (in some cases republished but expanded) in the next month or so as we go through the archives …..

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  2. Lovely evocative photos, thank you Lorrie. Off for a small dose of the south coast next weekend, hooray!

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  3. Wonderful shots of a wonderful and relaxing break. Have always been torn between the North and South Coasts, but I think South just edged past for the sheer beauty of some of these never ending long beach walks at sunrise.

    We are so so lucky to have these areas within a four hour drive from Sydney. Bring on the next trip.

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