Grey hair? untoned body? bikini? Sports Illustrated?

Grey hair, untoned body, bikini and Sport Illustrated what do these things have in common?

This is worth discussing. Sports Illustrated have featured a 56 year old model called Nicola Griffin with grey hair and an untoned body in their Swimsuit issue. For me this is not the sort of visibility I’m looking for as I age.

As great as Nicola looks.

I think we are meant to applaud this development. This, I think, is just a cynical jump by a deeply misognist magazine trying to appear inclusive. This is without ever reflecting on why we should, or need an issue that purely objectifies the female body.

They also featured Ashely Graham patting themselves on the back for putting a size 14 chick in their hallowed pages.

“And yet, while we admire Nicola’s beauty and applaud her confidence, and while we appreciate inclusion of all kinds of beauty, the SwimsuitsForAll campaign still falls short.

After all, it’s still a campaign telling women we need to be sexy by wearing a bikini, to be alluring, in every last moment of our lives, even when we’re swimming. (Mind your breathing, your strokes, your kicks, and your sexiness, ladies!)”

RESPECT people is what we are after ….. not this!

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