Sorrow and Bliss – Book recommendation

When someone like Geraldine Brooks says she sat up until the wee hours to finish this book ... do we really need any better recommendation? Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason is a ride, I got so engrossed I didn't even notice the State of Origin was playing full belt downstairs! Head exploding emoji. This book will unearth every emotion, be prepared, it left me in an ocean of gratitude.

Here are some links to reviews

The Guardian

Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason review – an incredibly funny and devastating debut

In the hands of its acerbic narrator – dealing with a crushing mental illness – even the darkest material is handled lightly, and is all the more powerful for it

The Times

One of the many triumphs of the journalist Meg Mason’s second novel is that it is both fantastically dark and almost unbearably funny, so funny that you often have to put it down for a bit and laugh, out loud, sometimes to the point of tears. Then just as you’re laughing the hardest, Mason breezily fires off another little arrow that hits its target with such accuracy that you’re left reeling.

The Independent

I knew after the first six pages that Sorrow and Bliss was different to anything I’d ever read before. It’s women’s fiction, but not as you know it. Meg Mason’s third novel is a fearless leap into the realities of modern marriage, motherhood and mental health; a book that resonates and challenges in equal measure.

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