Something special to bring home – Le Labo

Evocative and easy to pack Le Labo perfume is not cheap but it is a wonderful treat to remind you of your trip to New York. Check out their lovely little shop In Elizabeth Street, you’ll walk past our very own brand MUD and Dinasour Designs. This street is a destination in itself.

The experience of purchasing a Le Labo scent couldn’t be further from the one customers get in the average Sephora or department store. The small bottles of ingredients lining the shelves of Le Labo’s boutiques are perhaps the first indication that customers are in for a very different, much more personal purchase. In order to ensure freshness, everything at Labo is made to order right in front of you; nothing is “made in China” or in an unknown factory in a far-flung locale.

What you get when you purchase a crafted, well-balanced fragrance like those Le Labo creates, though, is an emotional connection to a brand. Le Labo has such a loyal following because the founders skimp on nothing. Rose 31, for example, features rose petals plucked by hand in Grasse, which cost a few hundred thousand dollars a kilo. Penot says he recently received a letter from a woman claiming that this scent “changed her sex life with her husband.”


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