Some Style on the Street – Tokyo – Japan

Street Style in Tokyo, like most things in the extraordinary metropolis, depends very much on the district. We, I couldn't have managed this shoot without friends Miko Strahan and Julie Pierce, Miko wrangled and convinced and Julie kept a keen eye open for the Style on the Street.

We started our day in Omotesando which is one of the most pleasant (and most expensive) neighborhoods in Tokyo. As a major luxury shopping destination, it’s also home to some of the most amazing examples of “human-scale” modern architecture that you’ll find anywhere in the world along with some very stylish older women.

The woman below - with such great Style - Yoko Minko Mizuno, is a very funny and fabulous illustrator, who has worked on a campaign for the brand "I Love Pero " Oh to have spent the day with her...link  to her work below...

The Day ended at the Ginza for "Pedestrian Paradise" where the Ginza Dori is for pedestrians only on Saturday and Sunday opens for cars again at 5pm.


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