Social Outfit get a new Workshop !

The Social Outfit have moved to a larger workshop, in the same building as the brand Citizen Wolf, a wonderful stable mate. The extra space means they get to train even more women.

If you know nothing about The Social Outfit read this....

Research shows that there continues to be a critical need to provide alternate methods of training and employment pathways to ensure that people from refugee and new migrant communities have the greatest chance of success as they settle in Sydney.

“There is overwhelming evidence that employment provides the bedrock for successful settlement. The best way to help humanitarian migrants to build flourishing lives is to help them find work.”  

People from our refugee community often face complex barriers to social inclusion and skills development and employment-focussed social enterprises "Are effective - producing higher and better employment outcomes than mainstream employment services for people experiencing significant disadvantage."  (Westpac Foundation and Centre for Social Impact "Social Enterprise. A people centred approach to employment services." Report, August 2019)

We have 6+ years experience of effectively operating a workplace designed to meet the complex needs faced by people from our refugee communities, when it comes to training, employment and job readiness.

Our model effectively responds to these needs by:

• Starting from traditional and cultural strengths to build up lasting skills

• Introducing our refugee and new migrant employees to Australian workplace practices and culture. We educate them on their rights and responsibilities, payslips, contracts, tax and superannuation

• Building cross-sector partnerships to support employees to transition to ongoing external employment.

• Trading as social enterprise allowing employees to interface daily with the broader Sydney communities, strengthening social cohesion and building their confidence.

• Welcoming staff into our multi-generational, multi-cultural and collaborative workplace community.

• Proudly showcasing the creativity, skills and talents of our refugee and new migrant communities to reflect a hopeful Australian spirit.

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