Smoky Martini – Thank you Colin – DEA Redfern

So I had an afternoon Christmas shopping last week and dropped into DEA Redfern store - a go to for gifts - and Colin ( partner of Karin) introduced me to this Martini. It is delicious. You need to find a peety scotch ... probably from Scotland for the Smoky notes.

The smoky martini is a very easy variation of the martini. There is no vermouth; instead, this cocktail uses a dash of scotch to back up the gin. It's an interesting combination and a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite whisky and gin in the same glass. Serve it after dinner or when you're relaxing with a couple of friends and want to show off the versatility of a new bottle of scotch.

With such a high concentration of gin (and little else), this cocktail is definitely not the place to be frugal. You're going to get the best smoky martini with a premium brand of gin, so be sure to grab the good stuff. Also, you'll find that a full-flavored gin holds up to the smokier aspects of Scotch whisky; the smokier the better in this drink.

"Combining fine gin and smoky scotch is not an inexpensive endeavor. This recipe does not rely on skill as much as it depends on the quality of the ingredients. Choose a well-rounded and full- bodied gin to start. The scotch can be tailored to your specific contentment. The two will make a superlative experience." —Sean Johnson


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