Small World Festival – Newtown

The Small World Festival is a uniquely Newtown event. This year held in a corner of Sydney Park. Presented by Young Henrys our local beer Genii.

The Park will loose 12 metres by almost 1 kilometre, taken by WestCONnex for a seven lane freeway. The 75 Paperbark trees that line the street and 40 gums and other trees will also be destroyed. This part of the park where the Festival was held will be part of the Freeway in the future.

We collected 800 signatures on the day to try and save Newtown.

Then we went to the Festival, in true cool dude Newtown fashion, the blokes all looked the same. The food, Polenta chips in gorgonzola sauce from Bloodwood. Pickle on a Stick from Cornersmith. The mood very laid-back. The bands The Church, The Palms, The Lulu Raes to mention a few. You could sip on a Noble Cut Gin, new from Young Henrys, or a can of one of their many beers or get a hit of Jamesons.

I did hear one girl complain that the place had turned to shit when you got your eggs served in a jar instead of on toast…but you are not going to please everyone.


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  1. Amazing photos, equally awesome effort with petitions, signage and awareness raising. You guys are the best.

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