Silver Linings for Cherry Moon General Store

Another repost... you can visit Cherry Moon to get some of the BEST Bread during this lockdown. I find it a wonderful walk and I get to wave to Otis the barista and partner in the yarn company Dempstah. Support your local businesses they need us.

This is my tip for the best hot cross buns this easter.... Cherry Moon uses heritage flour from Wholegrain Milling in its sourdough hot cross buns, a riot of wattleseed, raspberry and chocolate. $5 each or six for $26.

Silver Linings for Cherry Moon General Store during the time of Corona and for me. I discovered - must have been living under a rock - this wonderful store on my neighbourhood ramblings.

I first bought the " Life Changing Bread" comes in it's own white box... so very special! This Sunday I went back for the Sunday Specialty Loaf, Woodfired Sourdough bread with Russian garlic preserved in honey and baked with apple crab wood, bay tree branches.

I'm not sure what it is about these times that is putting bread so front of mind, simple joys? But such bread and the stories behind them.

Kimmy Gastmeier ex Rockpool and Tetsuya and her friend Aimee Graham opened Cherry Moon General Store eleven months ago. It started life as a sit down cafe and wood fired bakery however, during "life in the time of Corona" it has pivoted to take away and bakery ... and "that has been a silver lining "Kimmy said on Sunday. The bakery is so popular the queue when I arrived at 11.15 on Sunday was down the road.

The bread is spectacular and worth the drive/walk/wait check out their instagram for the Sunday Speciality bread. @cherrymoongeneralstore.

Kimmy Gastmeirer's joy and enthusiasm for her store is infectious and a delight to be around, and at the glowering heart of it all is the oven, a labour of love built to oven-whisperer Alan Scott's principles behind a handsome 1860s iron facade, discovered in Ballarat. Gastmeier is a passionate convert to direct-firing, baking bread in the embers, then swapping in pastries and biscuits as the temperature drops. It's not an easy beast to manage, but the results are outstanding.

77 Nelson Street, Annandale


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  1. Lorrie continually brings back breads and treats from Cherry Moon ….. they are just fantastic ….. but sadly they, and other treats and excesses, have resulted in a less than slim over the past several months …..

    So I am steering clear for August and September …. but anyone reading this who does not know Cherry Moon should die it a go – you will not regret it.

    1. Agree! In the main, I have to look/admire the Cherry Moon treats rather than imbibe. These (esp Covid) days the poundage is hard to budge!!

  2. Love this quaint place. A piece of nostalgia!

    Not tried the Sunday bread as yet, but Kimmy G’s twist on sweet treats takes me right back to my Kiwi upbringing! .

  3. Wonderful store and café. Worth getting the scooter out for. I could almost eat one or two of those photos, BTW.

  4. What a wonderful find in the back streets of Anandale, and a great story about Kimmy and getting her act together ….. and of course the dreaded pandemic bringing her a silver lining.

    I found the ‘Life Changing’ bread a tad too dense and ‘worthy’ (though much improved with adding some sweetness of a jam or marmalade), but the ‘Sunday Specialist Loaf’ was extraordinary – fantastic texture and taste with a crispy crust.

    I can’t wait to try some of the sandwiches, that look like a large meal in themselves.

    Well done Kimmy and Cherry Moon …..

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