Villa Sidemen – Sidemen – East Bali

Villa Sidemen and Mt Agung, Sidemen, East Bali, January 2018

Villa Sidemen, in the Village of Sidemen, East Bali is owned by one of the King of Sidemen’s wives. He has four. It is approx 10 kilometres from Mt Agung. This was its selling point for Anon and I. The infinity pool proved the best possible vantage point to do a bit of Volcano ogling.

Sidemen Village, is old  Bali beautiful untouched countryside and authentic villages, very few tourists. We had a wonderful local driver called Komang from Sidemen Tour and Trekking who took us on all the back roads. His rate per day was $60. We would highly recommend this company and driver.     Link below


 Komang Agus
Ph/WA : +62 8573 7250 169

 The Villa itself is quite formal for Bali. It has two bedrooms and a living room that is more private Cinema. A large screen and a list of over 150 movies to call on. We didn’t move too far from the outdoor terrace or the infinity pool. With a view like this I’m not sure why you would sit inside watching old movies … but thats just us.

The Villa is a little isolated so we dined in. The staff are delightful and extremely helpful. When it was discovered the Villa had run out of wine the staff headed off on a motor bike to scour the countryside looking for a drinkable Rosé.

Link for Villa Sidemen


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  1. A favourite, largely because of the extraordinary views of Mt Agung across the misty valley. And the opportunity to do laps in the incredible infinity pool. And the local tours with our wonderful driver Komang. And the relative proximity to one of our favourite friends, Penny Williams, and her Bali Asli Restaurant which also has extraordinary views to the volcano …..

    And on the list goes.

    The Villa itself is by no means cheap and could probably do with a bit of a spruce up for the money, but really you are paying for the extraordinary and unique views …… at that makes a visit for a night or two more than worth while. Would be an ideal place for two couples (argue over the bedroom allocation – the 2nd bedroom is pretty small and with no views.

    And remember to use Komang for a ‘backroads’ tour – magic.

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