Seven Top tips for Going Silver or Embracing the Gray

Kerry McNamara has become a regular on this blog, I thought it was about time we found out where her passion for fashion came from. © Lorrie Graham

Top Tips for Going Silver

Add highlights or lowlights — or both: You don’t turn gray overnight. When more of your hair starts growing gray, there will be a line of demarcation between where the color stops and the gray begins. Highlights and lowlights help blend the silver and can add more depth. It’s important to note that you’ll still need to spend more time at the salon to achieve the desired result and maintain it. “I think low lighting is a great way to ease into the grey if you haven’t been coloring your hair or only adding highlights,” say Influencer Trae Bodge.

Consider a big chop: Cutting it short, while drastic, can dramatically shorten the transition period.
Give it TLC: Use 100 percent sulfate-free cleansers. Special shampoos specifically for silver hair can help even out the tone of gray hair to cancel out the brassiness or yellowness of gray, and bring out the brighter and whiter part of natural gray.

Be patient: Know it’s going to be a process. “I struggled together with countless silver sirens during the first few months of growth,” says Massey.
Embrace the change: “It can be glaring at first, depending on how dark or light your color application has been,” says Massey. “It doesn’t always look pretty. But I promise if you push through this period it will be worth it.”

Block out negativity: Bodge recalled stylists telling her that her hair was aging and offering to fix it. She had no desire to cover her grays (she does get highlights and lowlights), and considers her hair one of her best features. “I’m sure some people cringe when they see it but I don’t really care!” she says.

Seek support: Search for Silver Hair groups that are helping each other: #silverhair #silvercurls #silverhairhandbook.

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  1. Thanks Lorrie, I can really relate to this as I’m just going through this very process. The decision to let the grey grow out was a tough one, but I have a wonderful hairdresser who is very supportive, and who is doing all of those things, highlights to blend the growth, and even suggesting I go, at least, a bit shorter. Letting the grey grow out isn’t hard, going shorter is a harder decision… But I’m really happy to have started the process and for me, having a hairdresser I know and trust was the clincher.

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