Series Crush – Netflix – The Chef’s Table

My other Easter indulgence, binge watching The Chef's Table on Netflix. I'm highlighting the ones I have loved so far, all women and mostly incidental chefs.

If you haven't watched this series, it is the story - in documentary form with very high production values - about the person their story about a life through food.

I have found the women's stories, a lot from humble beginnings, much more compelling. Nancy Silverton in series 5 might be the only woman who started out thinking she might cook. She is a woman driven to cook and feed with a lovely Italian back story and great personal style.

Jeong Kwan ( series 3 ) is one of my favourite stories, a monk in South Korea, her story is a visual fest .... if I could live on her temple food and make lotus tea...

The other two women I have found incredibly inspiring. Christina ( Series 5 )Martinez an illegal imigrant who has the - go to - restaurant for authentic Mexican food in South Philadelphia and who helps other illegal imigrant women.

Asma Khan of the Darjeeling Express restaurant in London ( Series 6 ) who empowers and employs only women.
The story of how she came to have her own restaurant and what it took makes me want to head back to London just to visit the restaurant.

The series has many fabulous stories and is a must watch..


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  1. Isn’t it inspiring and wonderful ? Imagination, artistry and commitment-an exciting combination

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