Sennelier – Oldest Art shop in Paris

Sennelier Art shop is next to the Seine opposite the Louvre. Picasso, Cezanne and Degas bought their crayons and paint here. Now in the hands of the fifth generation nothing has changed.

The rooms are lined with worn wooden cabinets groaning with every imaginable colour. On the third floor courteous old men in lab coats and gloves handle the sheets of paper, an artwork in themselves.

I had a chore. My old friend David Lyle – an enthusiastic water colourist – asked if I could look for a block of paper only available in Paris. This was the only place to stock it.

3 Quail Voltaire, 75007, Paris



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  1. Thanks for those glorious pics. of Sennilier shop Lorrie.
    I visited it in the late 80’s and it was thrilling just being in an artists ‘tool shop’.
    Nothing has changed since Lautrec and Monet shuffled around the wooden floors.

  2. Only thing better than losing your self in doing a painting is losing yourself in a good painting supply store. The more cluttered the better. And the staff should be like waiters in a good restaurant – old, grumpy at first then charming. Thank you

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