Scorpion House, Moulay Indriss, Morocco

A night at Scorpion House was a treat organised by Sue Bail, she drove up from Fes and we arrived in our Grand Taxi from Chefchouen. Yes you will meet her in a blog very soon, and no we didn’t see one Scorpion…!

The house is owned by Mike Richardson a former maitre d’ at London’s pretigious Ivy and Wolseley restaurants. He hosts lunches, dinners and somethimes opens the house for overnight stays.

This is an unique opportunity as Mike’s says care of an old Sufi saying “somedoors are only opened from the inside”. The house sits overlooking the mountain town of Moulay Indriss, a very holy town.

Mike is a collector and the house overflows with his various finds from Morocco and beyond. Meals, these are worth the trip to Moulay Indriss alone, are served on one of the several terraces that overlook the town as the sun sets. Breakfast served as the sun rises to echoing sounds of call to prey.

You will be well looked after…with the added bonus of two delightful dogs who treat you like lord of the manor.

Moulay Indriss and Scorpion House are easy to reach from Fes, about an hour’s drive.
It is also 10 minutes from Volubilis the extrodinary roman ruins… a must see!

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