#SaveNewtown – Stop #WestCONnex

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For the past six weeks I’ve been part of a grassroots community campaign to educate the businesses of Newtown about the impact from the WestCONnex project.

This project will destroy King Street and Enmore Road by forcing an extra 31,000 cars daily onto an already very congested street so inevitably forcing the street into a 24/7 clearway, the very thing that destroyed Oxford Street.

As part of the campaign we have been asking shops to put a small sticker in their windows that says Save Newtown Stop WestCONnex. Over 150 shops now have the sticker, one shop has gone beyond the call to arms and put this installation in their window.

Marked Hair 535 King Street has installed a AO sized poster that lights up. I’m hoping the other hairdressers take note and decide to try and outdo Marked Hair’s effort…Newtown hairdressers stop WestCONnex is the dream headline!

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  1. Good on you Lorrie – heard you this morning on 702 – amazing point made that there has been no environmental impact statement – you are so right, how can that be?

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