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Sydney Park is under threat. This hard fought for lung of the inner west will be sliced up by the NSW Government’s great infrastructure folly called WestConnex.

When other International cities are pulling down their freeways and looking at other solutions for traffic and transport – like this novel idea, public transport – this Government is about to destroy communities. King Street will become a 24/7 clearway, one of the few remaining vibrant shopping strips in Sydney will die. So if you live in this area get involved and save the most important thing in this city our communities.

What is WestConnex?

It is a 33- kilometer toll road proposed by the NSW Government and backed by the Federal Government. This is why the State Government want to sell the poles and wires, to fund this road and other projects. Final plans for the toll road are yet to be confirmed and change frequently.

But right now, it involves:

Duplicating M4 lanes from Parramatta to Homebush ( Stage 1: Start date mid-2016)

Building a tunnel from Homebush to Haberfield ( Stage1: start date mind-2016)

Duplicating the M5 East, including construction of the St Peters Interchange and widening of Campbell Street, Campbell Road and Euston Road in St Peters (Stage 2 Start date 2016)

Building a tunnel between Haberfield and St Peters, which will run under Haberfield, Leichhardt, Annandale, Camperdown, Newtown and Enmore with a “connection” in the Rozelle rail yards (Stage3: Start date late 2018)The cost of building WestConnex has now blown out to $20 billion.

To find out why it wont work go to






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  1. i object The WestConnex St Peters Interchange at St Peter at Sydney Park

    i consider The WestConnex St Peters Interchange at St Peter at Sydney Park is not suitable. and make traffic more chaotic and form another bottle neck.
    As a resident in the cbd and a driver for 40 years around, any body had experienced how slow & congested the traffic in King ‘street New Town from Camperdown RPAH.. (even from Salisbaury rd won’t help much) Traffic from Eastern suburb, cbd, western suburb and traffic cross over from east to west (vice versa) would be make it worse.

    Therefore another location needed to be considered carefully. Avoide wasting money and ruin a project.

  2. this is the stupidest most ill thought out and irrational solution to Sydneys traffic problem that has ever been conceived and the thought of King Street becoming a clearway is just devastating.
    King street is such a tourist mecca and so unique in Sydney it should be treasured not destroyed.

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