Sari Organics – Ubud


One of the things that will hit you full in the face when you first arrive in Ubud is that it has become the mecca of the healthy … you can not move for yoga classes, mats, clothes, vegan ice cream, raw food ,raw vegan yoga mats, organic this and that.

So a holy grail of a visit to Ubud, for some, is the walk out to Sari Organics……let me tell you now it’s the journey not the destination that you should be enjoy.

OK the location is beautiful; slap bang in the middle of rice paddies, it’s a lovely place to sit and sip your kale juice as the sun sets, but the food is extremely ordinary and the service disinterested. Do not even think of asking for a beer.

The walk itself, about 1.5 kms is lovely, but beware the hoons on motor bikes.

There is another interesting looking restaurant on the way called “Pomegranate” but I haven’t eaten there so can’t say if its worth the walk.





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