Sarah Jane Adams and the “She’s Mercedes” Ad

Who is Sarah Jane Adams and what is the ” She’s Mercedes ” Ad? Well Sarah Jane Adams used to live around the corner in Enmore is a jeweller a traveller, was discovered at 60 years of age and is now a much sort after model. Anyway I think she is very inspirational and I love what she has to say about her life, getting older.

This from a piece in Marie Clair magazine….

“How many people over 60 do you know with more than 150,000 Instagram followers (for that matter, how many people over 60 do you know on Instagram)? The inimitable Sarah Jane Adams is one such woman: at 62, the account she set up for her antique jewellery label, Sara Mai Jewels, has garnered an impressive 157k following, thanks to her exuberant eclecticism (we have a feeling she and Gucci’s Alessandro Michele would get along) and devil-may-care attitude.

At this late stage in life, Adams has found herself sought after by major brands (she’s recently been crowned a Sally Hansen Self-Made Super Woman), attracted by her exotic sense of style and major point of difference: her age. In a world that all too often denigrates getting older, Adams is all about celebrating it.

This is the blurb with the YouTube Ad.

“I think folks are intrigued as I’m older than your average Joe, travel a bit and I guess take a few more risks and have more adventures than most,” Adams admits. “My Instagram is raw, visually direct but also laden with messages that take thought and sensitivity to work out.”
Part documentary, part visual story, this thought-provoking short follows 62-year-old Sarah Jane Adams from Sydney to Mumbai as she muses about how, after an interesting and rewarding life as mother, traveller and business owner, she has now quite accidentally embarked on a new career – that of model and social media influencer.

There is no limit to what we can do or achieve if we allow ourselves to be curious and not to stand still or fear – no matter how old we are. Breakthroughs and new opportunities can arise at any time.

The film explores how we can add layer upon layer to our life as and how we like, rather than following a path mapped out for us by tradition or the expectations – others as well as our own.

This film is part of a series of four.



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