Sandy Edwards – An old friend with wonderful Style

Sandy Edwards - An old friend photographer friend with wonderful Style

I have know Sand Edwards for forties years, we were very very young photographers, and met at the Australian Centre of Photography, in those early days, the only real hub for photographers in Sydney. Years later we shared a Studio in Chippendale.

Sand has always had a unique and self assured look and presence. I’ve wanted to feature her on this blog since I started it. We managed half a day and only the tip of her wardrobe. It rained all day, hence wet hair and no hair and make-up to jump in and dry it…sorry Sand.

The backdrop for some of the shots is the wonderful exhibition El Anatsui at Carriage works and the work of some talented Canberra photographers called The Poetic Lens at a space in the Central Plaza.

1. Who are the designers you like?
– Yoshi Jones, Uniqlo, Leona Edmiston, Gorman, Carla Zampatti, Country Road,

2. What sort of clothes appeal to you?
– Simple, stylish, colour, black and white, practical.

3 Do you have any style Icons
– No

4 How Do you feel about getting older?
– OK

5. Do Magazines or Ad Campaigns talk to your generation?
– Don’t read them

6. How Do you approach fashion compared to your mother’s generation
– Same as my mother love clothes.

7. What are the most important things in your life as you get older?
– To be happy where I am now. To have good relationships with people.

The dresses : The lemon, black with slash across the chest and the red lace are all Carla Zampatti, the pleated red : Alquema The black shift with silver dots : Foil and the Red and White checked shift: Dragstar. Other designers loved by Sand Kinki Gerlinki, Desigual, Zambesi, Desigual

read about Sand’s ArtThere here

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  1. Sandy always lights up a room – and it’s not just her fabulous style – it is her enthusiasm, confidence and boundless energy.

  2. Hi Lorrie and Sandy
    I am so pleased to see that you got this done its fantastic and captures sandy’s love of life and clothes. Beautiful shots Lorrie.
    love lisa

  3. Post

    Thank you for the comments, Sand is a dream subject and was worth the wait…a year….we will be doing her pant looks when we can find a window. As you will see from today’s blog I am in the hunt for more subjects I would like Style profiles to be a major part of the blog. Also if any of the areas covered interest you subscribe…I won’t bother you with anything other than the post of the day. See you soon …..Lorrie

  4. Love Sandie Edwards. Love Lorrie Graham. Met them both thru the same place – thanks STC of the ’80s

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