Sam Shepard – R I P

I must confess I have had a huge crush on Sam Shepard for most of my life. Once, while staying in New York I decided to jump the dog….. catch a Greyhound bus to Santa Fe, New Mexico in the hope of running into him. I left with a pair of eelskin cowboy boots instead.

So his death is the saddest news, this is from an earlier post when he had just published his latest book. Please take the time to read this wonderful recollection from his dear friend Patti Smith.


Also one of the most stylish men on the planet, who could wear a Bomber better?


This Pulitzer prize-winning playwright heart throb has written a new book, “The One Inside”, in the forward Patti Smith – an old girlfriend – wrote ” he’s a loner who doesn’t want to be alone”

This series of images from the book “Sam” by photographer Bruce Weber, one of my most precious books and a gift from LA Darl.

Hit the LINK to read the review.


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