Sally Smith’s Pop Up in Clovelly is on NOW!

Designer Sally Smith's Pop Up is on now in Clovelly head over to 319 Clovelly Rd, Clovelly, opens at 9am until 9pm tomorrow and Saturday only. Sally lives in the lovely district of Lake Biwa just a short train ride from Kyoto, Japan. Her bomber jackets fashioned from Kimono materials are a MUST BUY.

Also if you are interested in Sally's Kyoto Kimono remake workshops where the unsurpassed beauty of Japanese textiles handcrafted by you with tutoring from the expert Sally.

Antique, vintage and Mid Century Modern… they find a temporary home in my Kyoto Studio as their 2nd life awaits, reworked and transformed into handcrafted pieces for my current collection, soon to be your cherished wardrobe addition.

Exquisite handpainted, Shibori tie dye and intricate embroideries catch my eye as I scour the Temple Markets and Textile Vendors of Kyoto.

Nothing beats the thrill I get upon discovering a new piece of immense beauty and craftsmanship that are the textiles of Japan.

Limited spaces


Last year I visited Sallys beautiful home at Lake Biwa just a 20 minute train ride from Kyoto.

check it out HERE.

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