Sally Smith’s home – Lake Biwa – Japan

Sally Smith, the designer lives in this beautiful traditional house in Lake Biwa with her daughter Astrid, dog Yoko and five cats. She very kindly asked Julie, Charlie and I to lunch and then let me photograph it....thank you!

The house is decorated with exquisite objects that Sally has sourced from the various Temple Markets in Kyoto, and her designer eye for detail makes this home a true feast for the eyes.

She says "Nothing beats the thrill I get upon discovering a new piece of immense beauty and craftsmanship that are the textiles of Japan." Sign up for Sally's newsletter to find out when she will be holding one of her fabulous pop ups in Sydney/Melbourne or workshops in Australia or Japan.


She will be in March for one of her "Kyoto Kimono Remake Workshops, 2 glorious days to create your own unique piece. Tutoring from the expert (Sally)

Limited space enquiries

https://www.instagram.com/sallysmithstudios/?hl=en sydney in 

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