Sally Edwards – A woman of Style, Warmth and Grace

Sal Edwards is a woman of warmth, style and grace. A woman of quiet assurance, a muse to painter husband Tone Edwards co-conspirator in some of the best homes I've ever visited. Sal and Tone have settled in Avalon in a charming cottage that was one of the small original farms in the area.

I was delighted that Sal agreed to this style shoot because I remain in awe of women who have a strong sense of who they are and the way that is reflected in the way they dress. Sal has this in spades not just in her dress sense but in the homes she and Tone have created over the years.

Some thoughts on Style and Life from Sal.

The designer I like is Akira Isogawa .

Comfortable clothes appeal , nothing tight . I like velvet , corduroy , cotton . Patterns , stripes .

It’s not too bad getting older , sometimes it is a surprise to be as old as one is , time seems to have

rushed by . After all , what can you do , it is happening !!

Compared to my mother , I think I am a bit more relaxed about what i wear .

Clothes from Salvos , Muji , Brigitte Singh , all sorts of places .

Sunshine , the sea , our daughter our grandchildren , books walking birds trees .

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  1. I am sorry I didn’t employ Tone to build my house in Annandale. His vision was so much better than what we got from a different architect (since sold the house). Tone’s was gentler, more feminine, understated,
    settled and textured. I can see these. qualities in Sally’s style. Really lovely. Thanks for giving us a look into her world.

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