Saint Peter + The Fish Butchery – OMG

Saint Peter Restaurant in Paddington is all about fish. Its fish shop called the Fish Butchery is a few doors up.

Lunch with Chris was an extra treat last week. We went to Saint Peter the Fish eatery run by chef Josh Niland - how he manages to be in all three places is beyond me - and then later wandered up the road to visit the Fish Butchery. I have to admit I've been sampling the food of this wonderful restaurant/ butchery for weeks now, because they have a stall at the Carriageworks Farmers Market.

I generally head home with some fish pies and Snapper sausages, I've also tried their fish lasagne.....delicious.

Saint Peter is a slight space very simply styled however the food punches well above its weight, the staff are helpful the welcome warm.

We started with these scallops with green almond juice .... exquisite and then moved onto the fish and chips, which was Barramundi with condiments a green salad with herbs and then Barcod cooked in burnt butter and shiitake mushrooms. Too too good.

Wine the Mada Wines Nebbiolo Rosé from Wombat, NSW. Delightful.

This has to go on your to do list ... at the very least drop into Carriageworks on Saturday morning.




Our mission is to showcase Australian sustainably sourced seafood, prepare it expertly and serve it simply.

We select the best quality fish available each morning, meaning that our menu changes daily.

We work closely with fisherman around Australia to source only the best seafood. All our fish is purchased whole and processed in our custom designed Fish Butchery just down the road from the restaurant. Some species of fish are dry aged in our custom designed coolrooms, allowing us to intensify and clarify the flavour of certain species as well as achieve maximum skin crispness.

Our sustainable approach and appreciation of Australian fish is displayed by our use of the whole fish, including offal where appropriate.

Our attention to detail in all things fish, flows down into everything we do; from our vegetable preparations, to our exquisite tarts for dessert and our Australian wine list.

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