Royal Host – A Family Restaurant in Japan

Royal Host, is a Family Restaurant chain found all over Japan - think Sizzlers in Australia - when you have had one too many exquisite japanese meals and have to prepare your palate for your return to Oz this is where to go.

A special of Surf and Turf was hard to pass up ... and the deserts ... well... truly disgusting.

One day when Julie and I had walked into just about every Vintage store in Osaka we treated ourselves to lunch at Royal Host.

This is what they say about themselves....

The Royal Host is a family restaurant that evolves with the times and is indispensable to the society.
In December 1971, the first Royal Host restaurant was opened in Fukuoka. Now its network spans from Hokkaido to Okinawa, welcoming people from all over Japan. The family restaurant is said to have made dining-out more accessible and changed Japanese dining culture. And now, it is at a turning point due to drastic social, economic, and environmental changes such as the sluggish Japanese economy, growing inbound tourism, declining birth rates and aging population, and increasing awareness for food safety. By addressing these changes and evolving with the times, Royal Host strives to become a restaurant that makes customers happy and is indispensable to the society.

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