Roma – Hip, Chic and Fabulous – Mexico City

Images of shops and streets in Roma, Mexico City, January 2017

Roma is a mere wander from the fabulous La Condesa and was much closer in vibe to my hometown of Newtown than anywhere else we visited in Mexico city. Oozing with Cafes bars and great bookshops you could spend weeks here and not have scratched the surface of this very hip suburb.

After the colonial center of the city (which is probably the coolest colonial city center I’ve ever been to), became overcrowded, the wealthy residents of Mexico City headed west. Roma was constructed primarily between the end of the 1800s and early part of the 20th century.

Back in the day, Roma was where the majority of the aristocracy lived and it had a very European vibe (mostly French), which still permeates today. You can spend days just wandering around enjoying the beautiful eclectic architecture which includes Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modernist and as of lately, a lot of contemporary developments filling in the gaps.

Today, Roma Norte is a hip, safe neighborhood full of countless amazing restaurants offering every type of cuisine you can imagine, hipster-run coffee shops, bars, parks and just about anything you’d want from a well-rounded neighborhood. It borders the very similar Condesa neighborhood, so add the two, and you have a huge area to enjoy.
Roma Norte is canopied by trees which adds a breath of fresh air, literally, to a city that can often feel choked. There are plenty of options for public transportation which include the Metrobus, Metro no more than a couple blocks from wherever you might be. Uber in Mexico City also works exceptionally well here as well as EasyTaxi, another app everyone uses.   


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  1. Loved Roma, just as I loved Condesa. Such a vibrant area to wander, to eat, to drink, to people watch …. Would go back to Mexico City tomorrow if it was possible …. and AirBNB in that Condesa / Roma area. Bliss.

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