Robert Frank – Photographer

the Americans # 2


To understand what the Iconic book “The Americans” by Robert Frank means to photographers, think Citizen Kane and what that means to filmmakers, both works grew slowly in statue until it was as if they had always been there.

The link below is an extraordinary look at the life of 90 year old swiss immigrant Frank and his important place in photographic history. If you buy only one book of Photography this is the one to buy. Photographer Nan Goldin says of Frank. ” Frank has never taken a false step he alway put Art above sentiment” to quote Frank ” I try to get out of sentiments way when it comes near me. A few steps backward and to the left and don’t look back.”

Bruce Springsteen, who keeps copies of  ” The Americans” around his home for songwriting motivation, ” the photographs are still shocking. It created an entire American identity, that single book.




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  1. Robert Frank. What an extraordinary photographer. Can I still buy the book?

    1. Post

      You can still buy it on line, but I have never seen it in second hand stores here, I think those that have it know what an extraordinary book it is. The first editions 1958 sell for a small fortune.

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