Road Trip to Melbourne – Jugiong – Town

If you haven't been to Jugiong for a while, things have changed. First good luck finding a carpark! This little stop off on the way to Melbourne ( down the Hume ) has become the the hot regional MUST stop!

These days, when travellers turn off the Hume and onto Jugiong Road, it's entirely on purpose. Many don't want to leave.

The truth is The Long Track Cafe was always sooooo worth the stop, the towns before and after - even tho Helen Thomas claims the best wagon wheels are found in Holbrook along with our long lost Submarine - the food at the Long Track has always been consistent and very good.

New kid on the block, well it's been here along.... BUT now revamped  and recently resold The St George has taken things to a whole new level with it's Luxe accommodation and super Luxe store ... think Belgian Linen covetable knitwear ...these are only a couple of things on offer at St George

We had a coffee with Jules and Daughter Sophie and two of the cherubs before heading off to Mansfield and the RAISON TOAST is the best I have ever eaten. Big call I know.

This is what they say about their bread.....

"We are an artisan bakery, passionate about what we do. Our sourdough is famous in the region for it’s slow fermentation which gives it that beautiful sour note and amazing texture. Using the finest local ingredients, we bake all of our cakes in-house. We believe this gives each and every one of them that home-made look and taste. Adding nothing to prolong shelf life – no additives, enhancers or improvers – our skilled artisan bakers use wood-fired ovens and traditional techniques to make our ingredients shine."

Do take a drive along the mighty Murrambridgee River, the countryside is gorgeous. The other attractions of Jugiong are the wine shop, the Lickety Split gelato shop. If that wasn't enough ... after that long drive have a massage or facial at the new Spa Parlour J. 

Look out for local events, Polo Cross, Pony Club or open day at Garangula Art Gallery, full of wonderful Indigenous Art

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  1. I can vouch for the Raison Toast – Gold Medal standard, as was the coffee.

    Confess I had the try to girls toasted ham-cheese-tomato sandwich. Which was also Gold Medal standard.

    Have always loved the Long Track Cafe, and still do ….. but have to admit the St George is giving it a run for its money – and your credit card !!!!!

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