Road Trip to Melbourne – first stop – Jugiong

Our first stop on the Road Trip to Melbourne was Jugiong. We stopped off to catch up with my Sister-in-law Jules and her youngest daughter and family. They have a farm about 15 minutes up the Harden Road from the little town of Jugiong.

The farm is the soul of the family, trees are planted for loved but lost relatives, labradors greet you and the three little blonde girls beguile.

We stayed in the shearers quarters and gathered pomegranates, it was still raining at this stage of the trip, but Jules and I did a wander among the trees in the paddock behind the main house. I love the landscape, trees struggle out of large blue rocks.

It is quiet and good.

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  1. Gorgeous photos Lorrie! Love that neck of the woods, been through on many road trips to Victoria.

  2. It was so wonderful to fire up the Fiat 500 tourer – car, not bike – and hit the road for the first proper trip out of Sydney since 2019. Countryside was looking wonderful most of the way to Goulburn, and then began to burn off.

    Julia and Rick have planted tens of thousands of trees on their property, and they are looking magnificent. As is the whole property – main house and gardens, shearers sheds and the like.

    Wonderful to catch up with Niece Sophie, husband Haydn and their 3 little girls. What a beguiling handful they are. Young Indi in particular is a ball of energy and cheeky mischief and so much like her mother at the same age. Country life embraced totally.

    Jugiong has developed enormously since the last trip – not quite sure whether in the right way – but have to acknowledge the coffee and raison toast at The Sir James was outstanding.

    Next stop – Mansfeld …..

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