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Reviving and Reinventing | Meet an Artist behind the TOAST Renewal Auction Pieces In celebration of their long-held belief that garments are a resource to recycle rather than waste, TOAST partnered with the Crafts Council UK, and asked eight talented textile artists to renew TOAST pieces from their archive - each bearing a slight fault. Here meet one of them, learn about her style and process and discover how she has reinvented and mended the clothing sent to her. The finished pieces will be sold at auction from 14th - 21st May, with all proceeds being donated to Crafts Council UK. This is such a great idea!

Tiffany Mumford

Brixton-based Tiffany Mumford combined her three passions, photography, sewing and sustainability when she started her own label The Wolves during the first lockdown. Her focus is on transforming “bleu de travail” workwear garments with whimsical hand embroidery.

“Making embroidered clothing that tells a story was something I had done for myself in the past but I hadn’t seriously considered it as a business,” the 51-year-old artist admits, “I wanted to make sure it was something that was sustainable and that I would like to wear myself. A lot of the designs are stories of travels or time spent with people who are very important to me.”

The two TOAST pieces she was sent to work on, a black workwear-style jumpsuit and a pale blue chambray midi dress, fitted her skills to a tee. Using DMC embroidery threads and embroidery hoops, Tiffany began by sketching and placing sketches onto the blank garment designs digitally. “I hand draw the design using fabric pens, lay out threads to get the colours right and then start embroidering. Each piece took around two days.”

Tiffany wanted to be sure that the embroidery suited each garment, which were quite different from each other but also stayed true to her aesthetic. “The jumpsuit has different phases of the moon on each sleeve. For the dress I looked at botanical drawings, in my spring collection of California wildflowers.”

Hit the link to see the work of the other artists.

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