Restaurant Nusantara by Locavore – Ubud, Bali

Images from Nusantara Restaurant, Ubud, Bali, Dec 2017

We went to restaurant Nusantara by Locavore twice, first for dinner and flew solo. The second visit, however, we had Penny Williams from our favourite restaurant in Bali...Bali Asli join us for lunch. There is nothing like having lunch with a Chef who knows the food of the Indonesian archipelago the way Penny does. This will have its own post....

This is a wonderful new addition to the Ubud food scene and not to be missed. we started with a couple of stunning cocktails...there complexity will give you a good idea of the food to come....

Rujak ..red chilies muddled with lemongrass, cucumber and pineapple, shaken with chili infused Amsterdam vodka and tamarind syrup, served over ice cubes, topped with homemade herbed soda water, garnished with lemongrass and jerk Bali.

Holy Water ...Kemangi leaves muddled with sandat flower, lime juice. Captain Morgan Light rum, Tanqueray gin infused with sandal flowers, served over ice cubes, garnished with kemangi and sandat flower

Nusantara is Indonesian for ‘archipelago’ -- the thousands of diverse islands that make up the country of Indonesia. Here, classic Indonesian dishes from all over the nation are celebrated by chefs who combine the freshest of local, seasonal components and ethical meats in nuanced, artisanal recipes.

Balinese chef Putu and his sous chefs from West Java, Medan and North Sumatra are constantly coming up with new dishes to keep the menu fresh. This authentic Indonesian restaurant offers a unique version of the country’s rich culinary heritage. The menu focuses on traditional flavours from across the Indonesian archipelago, bringing authentic, less-known regional dishes to diners from around the world in a casual environment. Busy from the day it opened its doors in mid-2017, Nusantara is set to become one of the most intriguing Indonesian fine dining restaurants in the country. 


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  1. This was an unbelievable culinary experience, from the cocktails through to the multiple dishes and flavours from all around Indonesia, to the delicious desert ‘on the house’.

    Yet another must do if visiting Ubud. The lunch with Penny was even more exciting !

    We will be preparing a ‘guide’ shortly for visitors to Ubud and suggestions for day trips out to East and North Bali …… Nusantara will definitely be on the list.

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