Renaissance Magazine for the woman over 50

I love a magazine, my wings have been clipped as I age, so few talk to me. I do buy Gentlewoman when I can find it and I recently discovered Renaissance and downloaded it. Not ideal for lounging and flipping. But it is a mag that talks to our demographic.

This is what they say about themselves….

Renaissance is a new fashion magazine for older women. We celebrate the revival of mid-life with edgy, inspiring and stylish content and life discoveries.

We profile extraordinary people who will influence our readers, and include essays and photo-journals that cover different topics including body, relationships, work, travel and life discoveries. Our fashion productions show the beauty of age and celebrate timeless style.

We hope to break conventions with exquisite fashion editorials featuring only classic models, essays for the mind & soul and interviews with inspiring people from around the world.

YES, magazines are a crowded market, but we identified a gap … Only a few are addressing the needs and interests of contemporary women over 45. So, we took the CHALLENGE. Help us make a change!

As of 2018 the magazine is published twice a year; June & November. We are currently stocked in Europe, USA & UK.




There were times, not that long ago, when people stayed married to one person for
life, they held onto the first job they found after studying, and lived in the same
house until the ‘very ever after’. here was a start line, a finish ribbon and one long
race in between.
But now, it seems like the world ofers many opportunities to restart along the
way, and in so many diferent ways. Yes, life can be unfair and does not always
go in the direction we were hoping for, but it keeps moving and we continue to
change to meet the new challenges. For our Restart issue we asked women to share
their personal stories, whether it’s inding love again after two failed relationships,
including a marriage breakdown, or starting your own business and succeeding,
despite never having run a business before.
We also talk with philosopher John Armstrong, the global philosopher-in-chief of
he School of Life, about the challenges of moving forward and the lessons we can
take from the greatest philosophers. We hear from Marjorie Taylor and Kendall
Smith Franchini, an American mother and daughter who moved to Beaune in
France to open a culinary centre, the Cook’s Atelier, and are living their dream.
I couldn’t be more proud of this issue and am truly humbled by the hard work so
many people have put into the magazine. And each time I come across another
hurdle in this business of publishing, I keep believing that the “yes” I am looking
for will be just around the corner, and this keeps me motivated.
Renaissance was my restart – I have never worked in magazines before and while
my goals have always been clear, I am learning to enjoy the journey and feel comfortable
along the way, even when mistakes are made. So, this Restart issue is dedicated
to all of us who just need to hear – “yes, you can”. Move away, take a year of,
change your job, volunteer in Africa, date a younger man – whatever feels right for
you. It’s your life so let restart be part of it.
– Mikella Lowe

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