Remembering – Dr. Bonita Mabo – Inspiration

Bonita Mabo, wife of Eddie Mabo, Aborginal Leader, Sydney 1994.

Ernestine Bonita Mabo AO, was an Australian educator and activist for Aboriginal Australians, Torres Strait Islanders, and Australian South Sea Islanders. She was the widow of Eddie Mabo. These are the bare facts, but when I met Bonita Mabo it was her strength, warmth and quiet confidence that impressed me, she is inspirational.

Words from others who knew her…

Marcia Langton

RIP Bonita Mabo. Eddie and Bonita’s fight and victory remade our world & secured rights unimaginable for 200 years. Condolences to family and Mer Nations. #BonitaMaboRIP

June Oscar
Sincere condolences to the Mabo family. Bonita Mabo was a woman of great strength. She was gentle, stoic and loving. I will always remember her as the mother of native title. Her legacy lives on in our continuing fight for land and sea rights. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-11-26/bonita-mabo-dies-days-after-human-rights-accolade/10555496?pfmredir=sm … via @abcnews

Last week, Mrs Mabo was recognised by James Cook University with an honorary doctorate.

The university noted her 45 years of campaigning for Indigenous Australians and South Sea Islanders.

She co-founded the Black Community School in Townsville, the country’s first Indigenous community school.

She also served 10 years on the Central Queensland Land Council while she was helping her late husband with the historic court cages.

“We can all take inspiration from Bonita’s courage and determination,” university chancellor Bill Tweddell said.

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