Remembering Bob Hawke – Hero – Authentic Bloke

It is somehow apt that Bob Hawke should leave the stage vacant days before what might see the return to a Labor Government.

Well that didn’t happen…. however….

Today We should reflect on what the Hawke/Keating Government did for this country.

The image above is the very first I took of Bob, he had just been made the member for Wills. I didn’t photograph him often, the one I love the most is the cover of The Bulletin with Alan Border in the change rooms of the WACCA in Perth. I’m pretty sure he  was telling Border what he needed to do to win the game…

The image in the Opera House at the launch of the Labor Campaign at the Opera House in 1983 and with his dad Clem I shot for the National Times and then the last images for The Bulletin again for Lunch with Maxine McKew.

I just remembered the weeks in Russia, when he met Gorbachev … so more to come!


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  1. A few years back in an interview Bob mentioned his favourite Aria. Does anyone recall the name?

  2. Wonderful photos Lorrie… They don’t make pollies like that anymore. More’s the pity.

  3. Loved Bob. He really did have a larrikin streak that was so appealing. He was Australia’s naughty boy at the back of the class who we all secretly admired and wished we were like.

    A natural born leader of an amazingly talented front bench of Labor men and women drawn from all walks of life who had a forward thinking vision of where we could be as a nation. It was joyous to watch Susan Ryan last night talk so beautifully of the Bob Hawke leadership style and his never ending support for women.

    We will never see the likes of the Hawke-Keating partnership that busted through outdated conventions and created the open economy (along with so many other reforms) that remain the underpinning of our nation today.

    Be assured that we will shortly be back in good hands to guide us into the future. Just wish you could have been with us all to celebrate.

    Rest In Peace Hawkie.

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