Reflections of the New York Women’s March 2017

THIS IS A REPOST WITH A NOTE: Just a reminder things can be changed we can move the world we live in, do not give up, I missed the marches over this weekend, there will be more....get involved!

After four years of the most reprehensible US President in history I thought it worth reflecting on the New York Women's March in 2017. I flew from Mexico City to join the march. The biggest protest march in history. A protest by women who could see very hard earned steps toward equality about to be vanquished by this hideous man and the men that supported him, let's not forget them.

The Women's movement has always been one step forward two steps back but this President wanted to shift women back into the 1950's and frankly not hear a peep out of them, unless, of course it was to praise him. The fact that so many men have and still support this man is truly frightening but the fact that many women have also supported him is confounding.

A new President will be in power tomorrow with a woman of colour as his Vice President. This is a moment to savour, even enjoy but not a time to relax - the last four years have exposed the true battle ahead for women and the very deep and sadly wide spread levels of misogyny still in our society, both in the USA and more alarming in our own Political class.

Above is a video made up of the images taken on the day. The Women's march in New York walked from one Trump tower to another at the other end of Manhattan and it spread over three blocks and took seven hours to finish.

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  1. That was such a great day! We were all so depressed that he was elected but being in that crowd of such like minded people lifted all our spirits. There were people in wheel chairs, people of all nationalities – so many creative signage. We gave each other hope and inspiration to bring about change. A week later we protested again at all major airports because of the muslim ban and his immigration changes. By 2018 we worked to take back the house and by 2020 finally we have a President with dignity and a feeling of hope again. Will take a while to recover from the Trump PTSD but will be nice to wake up every morning not worrying about WTF did he do now…love all your pictures!!!

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  2. What a fantastic post. Both the words and the almost 100 images in the post and the video at the end ….. Magic

    While sadly there was some splintering of the organisers, and some controversy, the legacy of the Women’s March is immense. It mobilised women in so many ways, and as I understand it, the level of representation by Women in all branches of government – Local, State, and Congress and Senate has increased significantly in these past four years. That can only be for the good of the country, particularly with the huge job in front of this new administration cleansing and unifying.

    Our friend Pat Pao commented just last week that about 20 women were anticipated at a meeting called 4 years ago in a small town in Virginia. More than 100 turned up, and the group has been campaigning ever since.

    And then of course the amazing Stacey Abrams – the subject of Lorrie’s post yesterday.

    May women’s representation continue to increase rapidly across all areas of society, and the world will be a much better place.

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