Re-group, with apologies

Women's March, New York, Jan 21st 2017

Indulge me….I have just spent the last 6 hours in a Nissan hut …I’d say the temp at least 40, in Marrickville …..trying to get my head around the latest nightmare that is WestCONnex.

Truth is, I thought when we left for our latest journey, we needed a break from the petty politics of community acitivism.

But as much as I would like a break. The women’s march reminded me THAT if you live in a community then you have to stand up for that community!

So I’ve revisited some of the images from that day. For inspiration. Of course in the states the marches go on. And will until …………

We have been living with and dealing with exactly what Trump is doing in America in N.S.W. since Baird came to power, now ,for years….so wake up New South Wales, Sydney, Newtown!

We have seen Crown land handed to developers, Toll roads built with public money and handed to private operators, money that should be going into Education, Health and public transport thrown at this project that makes no sense, built by a company in the courts for corruption. Forced council Amalgamations to aid developers. Protest laws changed so that the dear old knitting nanas now get fined more than companies breaking the law. People in public housing thrown out so they ( the developers ) can turn the inner city into Hong Kong, with zero infrastructure.

20,000 Trees will go across inner city Sydney in the next few years. We are suffering through the hottest summer ever. The increased air pollution alone will kill more than 3,000.

Oh dear a rant so early in the year. But I don’t want to wake up one day and think I really should have tried to stop that.

So Gladys, here is your chance to turn this ship around, its not too late to Stop, rethink and do the right thing by the people of this state.


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