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I have been wearing R.M.Williams boots for over forty years. I got my second pair 8 years ago, the originals could not be saved one more time. It was a sad day.

Recently, this iconic Australian brand has had the private equity and venture capital LVMH, capital arm L Capital, take a stake in the company, so the bush to city uniform is about to go global in a big way. As a devoted customer I hope the most treasured thing about this company, the people – the staff – who develop the product, the people that make the product with their hands and the people that care for the brand every day are safe and truly valued.

Depending on the sole and leather type, there are between 80 and 90 production stages for every standard R.M. Williams boot. Each pair is still made from one piece of leather, which, the company says, is crucial to the fit and how the boot looks and wears. The leather is like butter and they fit like a glove.

If you take your boots into an R.M. Williams store anywhere in the world they will be shipped to Adelaide to be repaired.

I’m sure if the marketing of brands to the international luxury sector works best for companies founded on genuine, authentic craftsmanship, R. M. Williams is about to take on the world.


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  1. Still have my orange Cuban heels from late 70’s……many heels and re soles but still going except for the elastic sides of course but only adds to the charm…..

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