Pura Tirtha Temple – Ubud

A selection of images from the Pura Tirtha Temple, Ubud


Dewi Paglia, of Ananda Cottages, insisted on taking us to one of the most scared temples near Ubud. It is a holy spring water temple Pura Tirtha.

Thankfully she talked us out of going on the full moon, when the crowds would have been overwhelming.

The temple and its two bathing spots have been used by the Balinese for over a thousand years for good health and prosperity; as the spring water is said to have the power to cure. Regular purification ceremonies also take place here.

We faithfully followed Dewi’s lead after she had made an offering and we had changed into sarongs – a must before getting into the spring – we ducked down into the crisp clear water and then put our foreheads under a series of 10 waterspouts, thinking good thoughts and meditating. There are 13 but the final three are only used for cremations. A final spout in a separate pool has the power to forgive all past promises not fulfilled…..bit of a logjam at this spout.

Legend describes how the god Indra’s army had fallen ill after drinking from the nearby river that had been poisoned by the evil king Mayadanawa. To revive his sick troops, Indra pierced the ground to release a spring of pure and sacred water.

You can bring a bottle and take some scared water home…..or as far as the airport.




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