Provider Store: Slow Made Homewares, Surry Hills

A little nudge to remind everyone that little local businesses need your support as we put away the brollies and edge toward Christmas. This is a repost but Provider Store is open and waiting for your visit...This is the start of some posts about shops that offer something a bit different for a bit of Christmas Shopping.

The stylist Louise Bickle mentioned this little store, Provider Store, in Surry Hills on her Facebook page the other day, Louise is a woman with a very good eye so I had to check it out.

The Provider Store is small but perfectly presented with lovely homewares - slow made - as the owner Tara describes them.

The day I dropped in the store was being looked after by the lovely Amy.

Tara explains the store ethos "We set out to collect homewares that bring something interesting to the everyday. From room sprays, to incense and your ceramic breakfast bowl, we believe in buying less but buying well".

This from their website ...

Provider Store is a destination specialising in daily tools for the home. Most of what you find on Provider is either handmade by Tara Bennett or by local and international creatives we have met along our travels.

Each piece explores the concept of slow living, with an emphasis on creating ethical and sustainable products. Inspired by Tara’s travels, each item is a thoughtful representation of Provider's values. Aiming to create something special that tells a little story, while knowing exactly who made it and where it came from.


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  1. The great thing about Provider is that the product line-up seems to change constantly, yet the aesthetic remains pretty good. Every time I drop by, there’s something new to dream about.

  2. Wha a beautiful little store and a wonderful concept. Have to admit there are a couple of items there that I have my eye on. !

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