I’m talking fruit here, not faces. I may be morphing into my grandmother Adeline, not a bad thing …. She was a force … Adeline grew up in Broken Hill, where summer fruit was as exotic as it was rare and she preserved like her life depended on it. My mother preserved because she HAD TOO  there was so much exotic summer fruit – my father was an overachiever when it came to sustainability.

So this summer faced with a limited window to enjoy my favourite summer fruit the apricot and Anon finding he didn’t have enough time to eat his weight in blood plums I decided to give preserving a go. The gear (there is always stuff to buy when one trying to save the planet ) was something called the “The Fowler jar and method”?

– The Fowler’s Vacola method of preserving is uniquely Australian and was developed by Joseph Fowler in the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell in 1915. An English migrant, Fowler was amazed at the produce available in Australia and sought to preserve it in the days before domestic refrigeration or supermarkets. The Fowlers method relies on the natural acidity of fruits and the process of heating steadily to a temperature of 92C over one hour to achieve a sterile and safe product.

The original preserving method used a stove top boiler and a thermometer to achieve correct temperatures for specified periods of time. This was a very successful method although laborious but these days the kits are all electric and very easy to use. Fowler’s jars are heat resistant and the rubber rings, lids and clips allow for air to escape during heating process and then create a vacuum seal once cooled

– my production line was limited – two jars ….. one apricot and the other blood plum. Poor old Adeline would be rolling her eyes!

To learn more try the link below …. Sally Wise seems to be the full bottle – sorry – when it comes to preserving most things.


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